Secure, Confidential Mobile Paper Shredding in San Diego

Almost any modern business has requirements for keeping track of daily operations and transactions. Keeping all of those records sitting around in a storage closet is more than just an inconvenience, it’s a security risk for the business and their customers. Certain unscrupulous people will use information in those records to steal assets from a business or the customers of that business. Some the information contained in old business records could allow a thief to access bank accounts, secure holdings, or information that could be used for any number of nefarious acts. Some companies require that those records be kept on site for up to a year. The only sensible thing to do after the required amount of time has passed is to destroy those documents in a secure manner. Shredding or incinerating such records is the most common method. Some office do not have an incinerator attached to the building, and do not own the necessary tools to shred that amount of paper work.

When a business lacks the necessary tools to dispose of their old records they will need to contract a third party service provider. There are a few options for third party Mobile Paper Shredding in San Diego, for example Shred Confidential.  You should read the terms and conditions of the service provider to make sure there will be no copies made, and that the documents meant to be destroyed will not be viewed by anyone.

Unfortunately some shredding companies are not as trustworthy as others. When a shredding company takes your old documents off-site to destroy them, you might have a good reason to be concerned. Mobile shredding units are very common, and all the documents can be destroyed on-site. If necessary the destruction of old documents can be supervised. Once the documents are shredded there is almost no chance of them ever being recovered. You can rest assured that all the critical information contained in them is gone forever. The paper shreds are commonly recycled, but incineration can be arranged as well.

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