Consider a Yard Sign for added security to your Home

by | Nov 30, 2012 | Business

Lawn signs can be used for a wide range of purposes. You can use it for advertising, marketing or simply for information. You normally see lawn signs for real estate or mall sales or church announcements. You often pass by them when you drive or walk along the neighborhood.  Not many people actually know that they can use Yard Signs for added security in their properties. Signage may seem to be useless for this purpose but in reality it can help limit the chances of crime.

Security yard or lawn signs can help prevent or stop burglary from occurring. Would-be-thieves would likely think twice if they know that your property or place of business is being closely monitored or that security features are in place. Furthermore, these signs can give added sense of security, along with several window blinds or decals in your windows and doors. This is a very affordable and simple way of heightening your home security.

If your home or office does not have a security system in place, positioning yard signs or decals in prominent positions offer a great first line of defense. Burglars and thieves would not dare enter a place where he can get caught. You just need to complete your security measures with surveillance kit.

You can be creative with your sign. You can make it stylish and distinctive or just plain colored. Usually, security lawn signs come with a stake measuring about 14 inches and actual area of at least 8 x 12 inches. It is very easy to set up security Yard Signs and stickers. You can even do it alone. Ideally, you should position the security signs in front of the gate or near entrance points that lead to your property. This would inform anyone who passes by that the property or residence is on active surveillance.

Since these lawn signs are positioned outside, it is recommended that you purchase a more durable sign, preferably one that’s UV resistant. Signs that are coated with vinyl or heavy-duty plastic can withstand environmental conditions. In addition, these signs would not fade or rust easily. There are companies that specialize in manufacturing security Yard Signs and there are many retailers that you can find online.

Security signs and decals are perfect for parking lots, businesses and yards. They provide added layer of security and protection. All properties that have visible signs of security are safe from theft than those that do not have them or are easily open to intruders.

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