Questions Elite Singles in Orlando Should Ask a Potential Matchmaker

As elite singles, you want to be able to trust your matchmaker. You aren’t a mind reader, so you can’t possibly know for sure, but you can ask the right questions that could help narrow down your choices. The following are a few questions to keep in mind.

Questions to Ask

  • How long has the matchmaker been helping elite singles like you find a good match? You want longevity because that means this person has been doing a good job.
  • It is important to find out if this person can produce references or reviews from past experiences. You want to see a good success rate.
  • Ask the potential matchmaker about his or her experience. Find out what makes this person qualified to help you.
  • Find out about the methodology used to match you with others.
  • Ask to see how the matchmaker vets the people who join his or her elite list of singles.
  • You want to ask about the price upfront. Find out what you are getting for the price.
  • Be sure to ask about success stories or what the matchmaker believes success is. Knowing this can inform you what to expect.
  • Is there a maximum or minimum number of matches you can get?

Elite Introductions & Matchmaking has experience and has the connections needed to help singles get serious about dating, and if that is you, visit to ask any questions or make your appointment.

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