Questions And Answers About Root Canal Treatment By An Endodontist In Shepherdsville KY

A painful tooth is often a sign that the pulp chamber inside the tooth is infected. Since this chamber contains the blood vessels and nerves of the tooth, it can cause many individuals to have extreme pain. After a dental examination by a qualified endodontist in Shepherdsville KY, the solution is usually a root canal procedure. To learn more information about this painful dental condition and root canal therapy, read the questions and answers below.

Q.) How does the inside of a tooth become infected?

A.) There are various reasons why an infection can start in the pulp chamber of a tooth. Decay can run deep down into a tooth, and this allows bacteria and germs to get inside the tooth and cause an infection. The inside portion of a tooth can become injured and lead to an infection if there’s an excessive amount of trauma to the tooth. Numerous dental procedures performed on a single tooth can also damage the pulp chamber and cause an infection.

Q.) What does an endodontist do to get rid of the infection and repair the tooth?

A.) During a visit to an endodontist in Shepherdsville KY, the first step is to numb the area around the tooth so there won’t be any pain during the procedure. To remove the infected pulp, the endodontist drills a small opening down inside the center of the tooth. The specialist uses small dental instruments to reach down into the opening to remove the pulp and the infection. After the inside of the tooth is cleaned and rinsed out, the endodontist fills the center of the tooth with a pliable dental substance. Placing this substance inside the tooth prevents bacteria and germs from entering the tooth. The last step is to use a filling material to close up the opening that the endodontist made to access the center of the tooth.

Visit if you have a painful tooth, and you need a qualified endodontist for a root canal procedure. The dentist at Hillview Family Dentistry also specializes in tooth extractions, dental veneers, mini dental implants and natural dentures.

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