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Scaffolding Accidents Remain the Top Danger at American Construction Sites

Year in and year out, construction tops the list of the most dangerous industries in the country. This is so both in terms of the number of outright deaths that happen through accidents at construction sites, and with regard to less serious injuries. Even compared to the number of hours worked by participants over the course of a year, construction remains the single most dangerous common occupation of all.

Even within the industry, though, there are certain kinds of work that stand out as especially dangerous. The most common cause of deaths for many years has been falling from heights, even with the usage of fall protection equipment now being mandatory. Scaffolding Accidents take thousands of lives every year, whether because equipment fails to provide the necessary protection or because it was not being used in the first place.

Scaffolding Accidents also do plenty of damage of a less than fatal sort. Of the many people partially or completely paralyzed for life while doing construction work every year, falling from a great height consistently comes in as the top cause. Even a fall that only results in a broken bone or a concussion can prove to have long-term consequences, both in terms of health outcomes and the financial costs that such accidents often impose.

Given this unfortunate state of affairs, it is only appropriate that construction workers and their families should be able to seek compensation for accidents that are not their fault. The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel and other firms provide a great deal of help in this respect and others, making sure that workers have the representation they will need to face down insurance companies, construction contractors, and others who are often so difficult to deal with.

While some strides have been made in terms of improving construction site safety, it is unlikely that the industry will ever be one where injuries or fatal accidents are eradicated. Because of this, it is important that those who work within it and those who depend upon them always have access to professionals who can help them secure the compensation they are owed when unfortunate accidents do harm or cause fatal injuries.

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