Protect Yourself And Your Future With A Divorce Attorney In Morganton NC

When your marriage is over and your emotions are running high, you need to protect yourself and your future with a Divorce Attorney in Morganton NC. A divorce attorney helps you to gain perspective on the important items that need addressed in your divorce proceedings while protecting your legal interests. They will also help you get through some of the most difficult times of your life with a clear legal perspective. You don’t have to feel like you’re going through your divorce alone with a representative that is on your side.

Divorce not only encompasses the financial aspect of your marriage, but can also include the custody of your children. Deciding who is best suited to care for the upbringing of your children can raise emotions in both parties that have never previously been there. A Divorce Attorney in Morganton NC can help to explain what rules the court follows on the placement of the children. The guiding force in all custody cases is the best interest of the children standard. Although this term can be interpreted in a variety of ways by someone without a legal background, the court is only interested in what is best for the children involved.

The courts inquire as to the caregiver of the children. This would encompass if you were the parent that cared for them on a daily basis, helped with homework or took them to doctor appointments to name just a few. They also take into account the children’s current living arrangement, school and activities. They will also take into account any criminal charges that have occurred against either parent. There is a broad spectrum of guidelines that cover the standard and that is why you should contact a divorce attorney.

A divorce attorney will also help to decipher if assets were owned before the marriage and what portion can or cannot be taken into account for settlement of marital assets. For example, if you owned a home before you were married and sold the home to buy a joint marital asset, the money proceeds from the first home placed onto the second home need to be taken into account for settlement. Divorce laws can be very convoluted but the right lawyer can help you through the process. For more information on divorce and child custody, be sure to check out

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