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Professional and Affordable Companion Care Services

Most family members are scattered every where these days. Grown children lead hectic lives between work and kids of their own. That leaves little time to spend with an elderly parent. Seniors with no family or no family close often find themselves isolated, bored, and left to their own devices.

Possible Consequences

In some cases, that situation is harmful and dangerous. Elderly people may forget to take medications. Some will fall into depression and not eat healthy, or not eat at all. Personal hygiene may lapse causing sores or infection. Appointments will be missed and overall health will decline quickly.

An Affordable Solution

Professional companion care services are a cost-effective solution. Frequency and hours spend with a client depends on the needs, the extent to which family members can be available, and the preferences of the elderly person. A person who is still quite independent may only need a companion twice a week for fives hours at a time. That will help control costs.

Those who need more assistance and reminders to take medication will need more visits. If the family can visit two evenings a week, a companion can visit three or four times per week. People of any age function better in their own homes. Remaining there as long as possible improve quality of life. It is also less expensive than a nursing home or assisted living facility.

What Companion Services Entail

It is important to make the distinction between personal care and companion care services. Personal care involves bathing, grooming, ambulation, and bathroom assistance, among many other activities. Companion care is less involved and provides a different set of activities.

Meal planning and preparation, light housekeeping, and pet and plant care are provided. Transportation is available for medical appointments, errands, social activities, and special events. Assistance with walking and exercising, reminders to take medications, conversation, and help with hobbies and interests also fall within the pervue of a companion.

The person has regular interaction and socialization, will have healthy meals, and an improved quality of life. Family members at a distance will have peace of mind and family members who care for elderly parents can enjoy some respite. Go to website to request a free assessment and initial consultation. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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