Primary Services To Expect From Dentists For Teens in Los Angeles

by | Apr 21, 2023 | Dentist

Starting your child on a good dental health journey early is vital to maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile throughout their lives. Pediatric dentists usually receive additional training after dentistry school to help them connect with children better.

Pediatric dentists usually cater to the needs of children from infancy till their late teens. When looking for a good dentist for teens in Los Angeles, one of the things to consider is the services they offer.

Dental exams

Dentists recommend a dental check-up at least twice a year. The dentist examines the child’s teeth, gums, and tongue during the examination. In addition to physical examination, they take x-rays to help identify any issues below the gums.


While you ensure your child brushes and flosses twice daily, they might miss a few spots, and their teeth are very vulnerable to bacteria. Professional teeth cleaning helps eliminate plaque, tartar, and other particles stuck on or between the teeth, protecting your child from cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease.

Dental sealants

These are plastic resin solutions applied on cavity-inclined surfaces like deep pits and grooves on teeth. They are recommended for baby and permanent teeth and they protect teeth surfaces from acids and plaque that cause cavities.


These help restore the functionality and stability of a tooth that has been damaged by tooth decay or injuries.

Flouride treatment

Dentists apply fluoride varnish on the sides and top of teeth. It remineralizes the enamel, strengthening it to fight against cavities and tooth decay.

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