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You’ve probably had the experience of lugging in soda along with your other groceries but also while doing so losing a couple of cans due to the poor quality of the cheap plastic rings used to hold the cans together. This ultimately costs you money in addition to causing frustration if you end up having to clean up a mess like a result. High-quality packaging handles are designed to prevent this from happening to the products you sell to your customers.

The best packaging handles are made using high-density polyethylene (HDPE); this is because its unique physical properties make it one of the most perfectly flexible, strongest and least brittle materials. An enormous benefit of HDPE, which is also known as #2 plastic, is that it is universally recyclable, more so than other types of plastic. This type of plastic is used to make a wide range of handles featuring different styles and sizes.

Manufacturing Process
Top companies today use injection molding to produce these types of handles. The injection molding process is used to make plastic pieces of various forms, shapes and functions. First, hard HDPE pellets are turned into a liquid. The liquid is then squirted into a particular mold, where it hardens before being removed from the mold using a robotic arm. It is a highly detailed and precise process that is recognized for being the most ideal way to make three-dimensional parts in a way that allows for both strength and comfort.

Custom Products
Stock handles are handles that are currently being produced; this means they are created in many cavities. However, a top-tier company will offer custom handles which require new designs and prototype molds. A company’s mold room and in-house team of design experts help to make the process of developing custom handles both inexpensive and quick. The price of a handle depends on its size as well as the size of your order, with a higher-volume order featuring a lower price per unit.

A reputable company in this industry can assess your specific needs and help you choose the types of packaging handles that will work best for your requirements.

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