When The Water Or Gas Is Somewhere It Shouldn’t Be, Contact A Plumber For Plumbing Leak Detection

If water is leaking inside of a home or business, locating the cause of the leak and correcting it is important. A professional plumber can perform Plumbing Leak Detection in a home through a variety of ways to locate the leak. Plumbers can detect water leaks as well as gas leaks inside of a building. Water leaks can destroy walls, floors, ceilings, and cabinetry. Gas leaks can cause individuals to become ill, and a fire or explosion could occur. Rapid detection is key to preventing further damage inside of the building.

Finding a water leak within a building can become very frustrating for someone who isn’t trained in that type of work. A leak may appear to be coming from a bathtub or shower when the leak is really coming from a pipe behind the wall. Plumbing Leak Detection usually takes more time than actually fixing a leaky pipe. Depending on where the leak is, a plumber may need to remove a wall in order to get to the source of a leak.

Plumbers can use thermal imaging to rapidly detect a leak within a wall. This takes only minutes to perform versus following pipes from a basement through a home for leak detection. They can also utilize a moisture meter to help detect moisture in the building that shouldn’t be there. These two instruments can usually pinpoint where the leak is and stop the damage from going further. This type of detection helps to eliminate tearing walls down in a building to locate a leak.

If someone smells gas, it is not recommended to rely on their sense of smell in order to locate the gas leak. Gas can quickly accumulate in an area and dramatically increase the risk for an explosion. If the gas smell is only intermittent, it still important to contact a plumber for quick detection of the problem. Just because it’s intermittent does not mean that it fixed itself. Rapid gas detection will eliminate a safety concern for any of the occupants of the building. For more information on leak detection in a home or business, please feel free to check out

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