Here Are Two Important Items to Have in Your Car During Storm Season

Storms can be a nuisance even when you’re inside. They are particularly challenging, however, if they occur while you’re driving. You can minimize the disruption they cause by stowing a few simple items in your car. That way, you’ll always be prepared, no matter what type of weather you encounter. Whether you’re near South El Monte, CA, or another rainy location, make sure you’re prepared.

Car Escape Tool
In some cases, heavy storms can lead to flash flooding, resulting in water-covered roads. If you try to drive through the water, you may find yourself swept away, needing to escape your sinking vehicle. That’s why it’s so important always to carry a car escape tool that can cut seat belts and break glass to ensure you can quickly exit your car if the need arises. Though this tool is always good to have on hand, you’re more likely to encounter a water emergency during summer flooding.

The most basic of tools to protect against rain is often one of the most overlooked. To ensure you’re never left unprepared, it’s a good idea to have two umbrellas, one for your home and one for your car. That way, no matter when a storm strikes, you’ll always have protection against the elements. Golf umbrellas make a great option as their large size and pronounced curves are especially effective at diverting even the heaviest rain away from your body.

Protect Your Investment
No matter what you carry to protect yourself against the effects of storms, it’s important to take care of these items so they can provide the protection you need and are there when you need to use them. Golf umbrellas and other soft gear should be kept out of direct sunlight to prevent premature wear and tear, while hardware like a car escape tool is better stored in the glove box.

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