Not all Auto Repair Services in Davenport IA are Same

When you need a good auto mechanic you can call several services. Many have certified technicians and some of the latest diagnostic and repair equipment. However, there are several important things which separate the best shops from the rest. Here are some features to look for when you check out garages.

Convenient Complimentary Services

Perhaps you only have one car. What can you do when it is in the shop? This is a good time to contact a shop like Bi-State Auto Service Center. They offer free pickup and delivery, and if you need a loaner vehicle, they are happy to offer one for no charge.


Most shops will tow your vehicle in if it needs repairs. But what happens if it is broken down and you need a car towing service at 3 am? You never expect things like this to happen, but if they do, it is nice to have a shop which is also a 24-hour tow company.

Free Diagnostics

You are driving to work one day, and the “check engine” light comes on. What can you do? The best thing to do is take the car to your local shop. If you chose a shop offering free diagnostic services, you would not have to pay to find out what is wrong.

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