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Modular Camp Accommodations Available in Edmonton

If you’re in the industry that requires setting up camp in places far from any urban facility, you’ll need to set up modular camp accommodations that are self-sustaining and able to operate for days, weeks or months.

Often times, industries like mining, oil and gas, mineral exploration and construction including natural resource exploration and research need to house a team for the duration of the project requiring these modular camp accommodations because it’s impractical for any of its workers to commute. It just makes sense to have a ready facility at the worksite.

We at Northgate Industries specialize in the building and installation of these modular buildings, customizing them for the unique work environment they will be in. We manufacture them and we also lease them whether in new condition or used or pre-owned.

These modular accommodations are easily transported and set up whether its for administrative work, accommodation or operation.

And with every module completed and set up, it comes with it a guarantee that protects you with a one-year warranty.

One of the latest structures we offer to our customers is the Insta-build module. These are prefabricated metal buildings built in our own facility in Poland, Kan-Bud, meant as a unique module that actually expands lengthwise allowing for designated sections. These Insta-build modules are transported on a flat-deck or a rail car then lifted by a crane to a designated spot then unfolded.

These are built as storage facilities, manufacturing and even as a gymnasium.

If you’ve got questions about modular camp accomodations about how we can be of help, give us a call at 587-400-0864.

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