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Dirty HVAC Ducts Are The Unseen Bad Guys In Idaho Falls Homes. How To Make Them Good Guys?

Homeowners usually don’t consider the out of sight ducts. When inhabitants can’t breathe or itch a lot, they think of allergies instead of dirty ducts. The ducts therefore continue getting dirtier with no end in sight. You’d have a good idea if you request a consultation from your local air duct cleaning service in Idaho Falls, ID. Why?

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality affects your sleep, the mood and the ability to concentrate as well. Added to the trials of asthmatics and those with allergies, indoor air quality is vital to overall good health.

A More Efficient HVAC System

The HVAC pushes air through ducts clogged with dirt, debris, rodent nests, and pet dander. The system works harder, using more energy, and runs up the power bill. Having the ducts cleaned means the system doesn’t work so hard and costs less to run.

Save Money

When dirt and dust settle on the coils, the HVAC system works harder to cool or heat the air before returning it to the house. There’s 40 pounds of dirt and crud in the ducts. Why have the coils cleaned twice a year, if the dirt and dust is returning to coat them?

When you request a consultation, your local air duct cleaning service in Idaho Falls, ID, will tell you how often to have the ducts cleaned. The goal is to prolong the life of your unit, because a new one costs upwards of $10,000. Henderson Restoration & Cleaning will walk you through duct cleaning when you contact us at to learn more.

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