Mistakes To Avoid On A First Date In Boston

Whether you live in Boston or Dallas, there is always a lot of uncertainty on a first date. Ideally, if you have been matched through a quality matchmaking service, you will already know some information about the other person, which can help to make the situation less stressful and awkward.

However, even with this knowledge, it is important to avoid common mistakes on the first date in Boston. Keeping these issues in mind can prevent potentially difficult situations from negatively impacting the time you spend together, leading to a greater chance of another date.

Meet at a Reasonable Time

Making arrangements for the first meeting at a time that will have you rushing around after work is never a good idea. Instead, plan the first meeting at a time that allows you, and the other person, to get to the location without being stressed.

The last thing that you want to do is be late for a first meeting. This sends a message to the other person that they are not important or that you are more important, both issues that you will want to avoid.

Talking All About You

It is important to have a good balance in the conversation on a date in Boston. Make sure that you provide informative answers to questions asked by others, but don’t provide every single detail of your life.

This is a time to learn about each other. If you don’t ask questions or if you provide incredibly long answers the other person may feel you are all about you and not at all interested in what they have experienced or who they are.

Food and Drink

Ideally, choose a restaurant or a menu type where you can find what you enjoy and so can the other person. Sometimes people make the mistake of going where the other person wants, even if they know they don’t like that type of food or cuisine.

Not only is this misleading for the other person, but it can create discomfort in the situation for you both. A drink or two is fine, but be careful about trying to address anxiety by overindulging. Not only does this leave a bad first impression, but it also can lead to very uncomfortable situations for everyone.

Finally, be sure to treat your date with respect and consideration. Even if this isn’t going to be a person you ask on another date, making the most of your meeting and being a positive person is the right thing to do.

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