4 Tips Before Buying a Sex Toy Kit for Couples

It’s always fun to try new things. If you and your partner are thinking about expanding your repertoire in the bedroom, using toys is a good option. Here are some of the tips to help you.

Ask What They Like

Before you pick a couples sex toy kit, for instance, make sure you know what your partner likes and wants to try. Ask beforehand and don’t guess. Go over a list of the things you’re both comfortable with whether that means some backdoor action or water games. That way, you know you’re both on the same page.

Check the User Reviews

People like you are buying sex toys and trying them out. Some are so happy with their purchase that they can’t help but share that in a review. That’s why it’s a good idea to read them. You can get tips on which toys are sensational and a must-try for you and your partner.

Consider Storage

How will you store your toys? You’ll want to pick a hiding spot that no one else would be able to find. Somewhere inaccessible to guests or kids is a good option. However, it should also be accessible enough that you and your spouse can easily reach into that treasure box whenever the mood strikes. Consider keeping that storage unit locked then to keep out prying eyes.

Know How to Clean

How do you maintain the toys in the kit in good condition? Sex toys, especially good ones, don’t come cheap. You’ll want to make them last for as long as you can, so know how to take proper care of them. Do you remove the batteries after every session? Which parts can you clean with water and soap? What cleaning solutions can you use? The last thing you want is to wear the finish off your newest sex toys after a single wash, after all.

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