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Microwave Electronics Offers Hope for Enlarged Prostate Patients

Most older men today have some type of prostate issue. In fact, as the male body ages, the prostate gland gradually enlarges and it can make urination more frequent and difficult. This condition can be painful, inconvenient and embarrassing. However, thanks to modern microwave electronics, help is available.

Transurethral Microwave Therapy

TUMT is a technique designed to help shrink the prostate gland. During the procedure, an antenna is placed into the urethra, so it can reach the prostate gland. By using microwave electronics, a signal is transmitted to the gland. This signal literally heats the internal parts of the prostate.
In order to keep from burning the urethra during the process, a special pump circulates coolant around the antenna supplying the heating energy. It’s very important to constantly monitor the temperature of the prostate and rectum, so it is necessary to insert a temperature sensing probe into the rectum. If heat becomes more than expected, the procedure is temporarily stopped to allow for cooling. This avoids unwanted tissue damage caused by excessive heat.

Why Does TUMT Work?

TUMT is not a simple heating. For example, you would not receive similar benefits by externally applying a heating pad. This kind of heat uses microwave electronics. It is internal and much more intense than any heating methods which can be applied externally.

How can heating up the prostate gland cause it to shrink? Heat reaches high enough levels to kill some tissue inside the prostate. In time, the prostate heals and during the process of healing it shrinks (because there is less tissue). This relives pressure on the urethra, allowing for a free flow of urine.

Things to Remember

TUMT only takes one session and can be done on an outpatient basis. A general anesthetic is often used. Until the prostate has healed, a catheter may be required for about a week.

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