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Do You Know Your Palletizing Equipment from Your Palletizing Equipment?

Whatever your final choice of palletizing equipment, it must be extremely secure, stable and yet strong. Moving a palletized load around the warehouse can be dangerous, particularly where the load must interact within your warehouse system, conveyor belts, storage and mezzanines. What is the safest way to store pallets within your warehouse?

Manual or Electrical Palletizing Equipment?

There is an art in handling the materials within a warehouse, safely. Materials handling must also be relatively simple and straightforward and where large loads are concerned, they will most probably be moved on palletizing equipment.

Manual palletizing is completed entirely by individuals who do not require mechanical assistance. Sometimes used with a backboard and occasionally with lift assist and positioning, lift trucks are still required to move the goods from one location to another.

Semiautomatic palletizing equipment bridges the cost involved with upgrading from completely manual labor for moving goods around a warehouse.

The safest and most efficient palletizers are completely automatic. While they may look the most expensive, this will reduce the number of employees required and decrease sick days when they cannot attend work because of the hard labor involved. They are more efficient for your bottom line because of the increase in profits by being able to move more goods through your warehouse.

When you work closely with the warehouse design consultant, they will suggest equipment that is suitable for your operation, with an eye on expansion and upgrades in the future. Where the speed of your accumulators and conveyors is exceptional, matching fast palletizing equipment becomes a necessity.

Your design experts will be able to show you whether you should choose conventional or robotic palletizers. By understanding the benefits as well as any disadvantages, it will be far easier to make an excellent decision first time. The most comprehensive element of automatic palletizers, is their ability to carry out repetitive tasks consistently while improving your throughput.

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