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Medical Marijuana for Epilepsy

Medical marijuana is sweeping the nation. In fact, seven more states have passed medical marijuana laws this year, making access to the medicine more widely available than ever before. This is a great step forward since we are discovering more and more uses for medical cannabis as research continues. State legalization is helping pave the way for more clinical trials, but one area we have seen perhaps the most progress is in epilepsy patients. Thankfully, now patients in Illinois now have access to medical marijuana dispensaries in Glenview and throughout the state. Let’s take a look at a few reasons to try medical marijuana if you or someone you know is suffering from epilepsy.

Reduction in Seizures

Perhaps the most noticeable effect of medical cannabis on epileptic patients is the reduction in seizures. This is going to vary from person to person, but most will see some improvement when they add medical cannabis to their medications. Obviously this is a decision that must be decided with your doctor. That being said, there is strong evidence that medical marijuana is able to give epileptic patients a new lease on life by reducing the number of seizures they suffer.

Increased Focus

This is one many people may not think about, but with a reduction in seizures comes an increase in focus. Seizures are hard on the brain; they overstimulate it and leave the sufferer in a dazed state, usually needing a nap after the seizure. By reducing the number of seizures, the brain is allowed more time to recover from the seizures, which will allow people who are taking it to achieve a level of mental clarity that may have proved elusive without the use of medical marijuana. This can also be the first time some patients are able to learn certain skills. Children with severe epilepsy will often not be able to speak or even walk because the seizures keep their brain in a constant state of recovery. By eliminating this you allow them to learn these skills and begin to live a normal life.

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