Managing Commercial Landscaping Safety For Large Properties

Commercial properties are used by many different people. This may include employees, visitors, guests and people simply walking through the grounds. As this is very different from residential properties, commercial property owners have to be aware of safety in their landscaping to reduce any risk of injury that could result in a lawsuit.

Working with an experienced landscaping company offering design services with a focus on commercial landscaping safety is a must. It is particularly important for properties which are frequently used, including the grounds of campuses, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, community centers and other similar types of public and private venues.

Creating Safety In Design

The key to commercial landscaping safety is to create designs and features in the landscape with a focus on preventing any injury. This can include adding railings to walkways, providing lighting on paths and around the perimeter of the property and ensuring any ponds or water features on the property are installed and maintained to code will be critical.

Often people unfamiliar with commercial property landscape design will not be aware of specific regulations and requirements for safety. If the landscaping is completed without these considerations, should there be an accident the property owner will often have complete liability for any damages or personal injury.

In addition to lighting, railings, suitable walkways and meeting all building code requirements, commercial landscaping safety also includes the choice of plants used on the property. Some plants, including native species, can be extremely toxic, which is an essential consideration as children, adults or pets could be at risk if these plants are incorporated into the gardens and landscape design.

Always talk to any commercial landscaping company about safety issues if they are completing your landscape design. It is also a good idea to have the landscaping service review any design you may have, ensuring all required safety issues are in place.

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