Top Most Common Maintenance Issues Car Owners Put Off

by | Aug 9, 2018 | Automotive

For most Americans, their car is their second biggest investment only second to the mortgage they have on their home. So why, then, do most Americans forget the simplest of maintenance tips, only worrying about them when something goes wrong. From oil changes in Davenport, IA, to changing out worn brake pads, read on below for a few of the common maintenance issues car owners tend to put off until later.

Changing the Oil

According to the experts not checking or having regular oil changes in Davenport, IA tops the list of things that car owners put off until it has to be done. Not realizing that oil is like water is to you for your car, many people wait until the car is on its last legs and run dry to realize that they need to have the oil changed.

Driving with Worn Brake Pads

If you are riding down the road and you step on the brakes and the car squeals, that should tell you something. That something is that you are driving on worn brake pads. Car owners tend to ignore those squealing brake pads until the brakes give out on the car entirely. Not only is this bad for your car, it’s also bad for the people on the road with you and the people who are riding in your car as well. Make sure to have those brake pads changed so that you can protect yourself and the ones you love.

These are just a couple of the most common maintenance issues that car owners tend to put off until later. Don’t be one of them, contact the staff at Bi-State Auto Service Center for oil changes and brake pad repairs as well as answers to any other questions you might have.

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