Maintaining an Airsoft Spring Revolver

Many people love enjoying the amount of fun that they can have using their airsoft weapons but how does one extend the life of their weapons? When it comes to those individuals that have an airsoft spring revolver, the most important tip to remember is to keep the gun clean and regularly oil it. This will ensure that the moving parts will continue to work the way they should and removing debris will just aide in this as well. Face it, going out in the field with an airsoft spring revolver is fun but what happens when it locks up and does not fire properly? More than likely, the fun time is over and one is ‘taken out’ of the game.

Misfire No More

There is nothing more frustrating than a gun misfiring both in the real world and the airsoft world – so proper maintenance is essential. Depending on the model of airsoft spring revolver that one has will determine how to properly clean and oil it. Many of the airsoft guns can be cleaned the same way, but one essential part with an airsoft spring revolver is to grease the spring so it always has full range of motion.

Clean the Barrel

Aside from the spring, the barrel of one’s revolver needs to remain clean as well. Dirt and debris can easily get into the barrel, especially when one is running around outside in whatever climate/weather conditions – BB’s will not be able to project freely if debris is inside of the barrel. There are different ways that one can clean that barrel of their gun, but the most common way is by using a microfiber cloth on the end of a long rod or wand to ensure that the whole barrel is reached during the cleaning process. It is not uncommon and good practice to also lube up the barrel a little with some gun oil after it has be freed of the debris and dirt.

In an airsoft spring revolver, it is important to remember to check the spring often. They are typically the first thing to go on the gun so if one takes precautionary measures to ensure that the spring stays intact, it will extend the airsoft spring revolver lifespan by a lot. If for some reason the spring starts to wear (which it will over time,) it is much less expensive to replace the spring than the entire gun itself.

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