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An Air Conditioning Services and Contractor in Stafford TX Stays Busy as Residents Want to Beat the Heat

It’s hard for most Texas residents to imagine that homes there typically didn’t have any air conditioning until the later part of the 20th century, much less having the luxury of central air equipment. These days, Air Conditioning Services and Contractor in Stafford TX stay busy installing central air systems in homes both new and older. Texas homeowners resort to window air conditioners if they must, but when they have the financial wherewithal to purchase central air, they are inclined to do so.

An inventor in Florida is credited with developing the first mechanical air conditioning system, which is understandable since Florida summers can be just as brutally hot as Texas summers are. That was in the 1830s; however, people didn’t even start getting electric fans into their homes until the early 1900s. It would take many decades before window air conditioners became common, and even longer before the majority of homeowners began opting for central air. As expected, residential central air conditioning proved much faster to catch on in the south than it did in the north. It also became prevalent in urban areas sooner than it did in rural regions.

Nowadays, it’s virtually unheard of for a new house in Texas to be constructed without central air equipment. New home buyers are simply not interested in residences without summer climate control. Air Conditioning Services and Contractor in Stafford TX also must do repair work on older systems and replace those that have finally come to the end of their useful life. Homeowners in northern states might keep the same central air system even while needing to replace the furnace once or twice since they use the furnace so much more than they do the air conditioning. That’s rarely the case in hotter climates, however.

Stafford-area residents prefer established businesses such as Sun Air Conditioning & Heating, a company which has even won the Angie’s List Super Service Award! They know they’ll receive high-quality equipment as well as skilled, reputable service from an organization like that. Cooler, comfortable air in residential settings helps people sleep better, feel more energetic throughout the day and be more productive.

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