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Luxury Apartments in Chelsea NYC that Are Selling a Lifestyle

Manhattan has many luxury apartments. Distinguishing luxury apartments in Chelsea NYC from other luxury apartments can be difficult if you are strictly looking at the living space, so you must look to the added value that is offered. Added value are the amenities that are offered that can easily set one apartment apart from another. High end designs are lovely but what goes on outside the space really creates the lifestyle.

The Lifestyle

You can easily find a luxury apartment in NYC but finding a lifestyle is a little different and that is really what you should be looking for. A luxury apartment in Chelsea NYC should offer you the entire package. It should offer all the amenities that you want and provide you with the added value that you deserve. What if you could:

  • Swim laps with a view of the city on the 50th floor?
  • Enjoy a 12,000-square foot spa/salon space
  • Enjoy an entire floor of space dedicated to fitness/wellness?
  • Entertain your guests on a 51st floor lounge with panoramic views of the city?
  • Access a screening/entertaining/stage room with seating for 20?
  • Private dining /event rooms?
  • Opportunity to purchase wine storage in the wine cellar for up to 1,000 bottles of wine?
  • Game room outfitted with a billiards table?
  • State of the art work space/conference rooms?
  • So much more

If you could have a breathtaking beautiful luxury apartment coupled with the amenities listed above and many more, that would be the stuff that could tilt the scales in favor of one apartment over another.

Exciting Prospect

You can live in a nicely appointed space that offers the best that NYC offers at Fifteen Hudson Yards. Enjoy the privileges that are offered to owners that creates the type of lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

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