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Treating the air in your home is often an expensive and time consuming operation. A poorly insulated house can make things worse. Insulation problems can come from the walls, attic or even the windows and the fix is usually expensive, however, it is also worth it because of the energy you will save. The other expense with treated air comes from aging or failing equipment. Most homes are equipped with an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. This combined unit regulates household temperatures by forcing treated air through a series of air ducts. As the equipment ages it requires more effort and energy expenditure to produce the same quality of hot or cold air.

Your Heating And Air Conditioning Company Bainbridge Island can alleviate some of the cost by performing various maintenance procedures on the system. For instance, poor air flow can be caused by a failing fan motor, clogged vanes on the fan’s squirrel cage or blockage of the A/C evaporator coil. This coil is located in the air exchange and all treated air flows through it. In some cases the filter system on your HVAC can’t keep all of the dirt away. When this happens it mixes with the condensation on the coil then dries in place when the heat is on or the A/C is off. It is possible to clean this coil in some instances, but many of them are difficult to reach. To really remedy this problem the technician will need to wash the coil in an acid bath. This type of cleaning requires removal of the coil and refrigerant. View website for more info.

When your heating or cooling system fails it is sometimes best to replace the problem, especially when the appliance is very old. Modern heating and cooling systems are much more efficient than earlier models and can usually pay for themselves with the energy they save. If your heating and air conditioning system are separate then you can still get great deals on quality units. No matter what your heating and cooling requirements there is no home that can’t have properly treated air. If you are in need of a Heating And Air Conditioning Company Bainbridge Island be sure to visit the experts at



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