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Learning the Golden Section Method of Drawing to Perfect Your Art

Drawing requires skill, practice and patience, even among the most talented of artists. Even then, artists are always striving to improve their work and make it even better. If you want to take your art to the next level, you will need to learn new methods of drawing. One such method is known as the Golden Section.

What Is the Golden Section Method?

This method is based on ancient geometric principles of design that focus on creating the perfect balance and symmetry between two sections. It can be doubled or quadrupled for larger drawings and mirror imaging of subject matter. The main takeaway of learning this method is that your drawings will dramatically improve by training your eye- hand coordination to see and draw perfect sections. It sounds easy, but like any good art method, it takes time to master.

Can You Learn This Method Online?

With all of the online courses you can take now you might be wondering if it is possible to learn this method online. It is possible, but you should be taking the course from an experienced artist who has used this method extensively.

Don’t fall for any course that is self-paced or has you learning it from someone that doesn’t really know what he/she is doing. Since you are bound to make a few mistakes while learning this method, it is important that you have a real live instructor who can help guide you through steps and work out the kinks as you learn it.

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