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How to Market Products and Advertise on Fubo TV in the United States

Have you wanted to advertise on Fubo TV? Today’s consumers are increasingly swapping their traditional cable packages for streaming services. Therefore, investing in direct-buy media is wasted money in many cases. By utilizing connected platforms’ widespread viewership, companies can broaden their reach. Besides reaching more viewers, these advertisements are un-skippable, so they will be seen. Compared to other media types, this ensures more eyes see the advertised content.

OTT Advertising

Many customers have cut their cable, dropping their monthly television subscriptions. Furthermore, only 11% of modern viewers use their smartphones to watch online content. Up to 73% of all media viewed today is on a connected TV.

Over-the-top advertising pushes ads on these platforms and shows them to specific viewers. From Hulu to Fubo, this technique showcases marketed products to likely buyers. Consequently, after the ads are watched, customer conversions are probable. Instead of dropping thousands on ads that people may not see, every dollar creates an impact. Since the ads are un-skippable, viewers will see and watch them more often.

Available for Multiple Verticals

Whether your company markets dental products or real estate, you can market it here. Streamlined enrollment simplifies client sign-up and only takes three steps to complete. Simply fill out an enrollment form with your proposed campaign details and submit it. Following that, an email will be sent to your email inbox containing a completed invoice. After a client has paid, campaign advisers will reach out with an updated strategy. Contact Awarity at

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