Knuckle Rings; The Newest Trend in Jewelry

Knuckle rings are growing in popularity and have become the latest trend in fashion accessories. They come in a variety of designs, metals and can be adorned with an assortment of stones. Even though it may be the latest trend in jewelry it certainly is nothing new. Knuckle rings date back to ancient times and have been found in the tombs of ancient Egypt and even Central American burial sites.

What are Knuckle rings?

Knuckle rings are small in diameter and typically worn between the first and second knuckle on any finger desired. They are found in singles, sets and even melds which form one ring encompassing two or more fingers. Sometimes you may find knuckle rings that actually are worn over the second knuckle, but these are much rarer and limit mobility of the finger in most cases.

Varieties of Knuckle Rings

Knuckle rings can be found in virtually any design and shape as regular rings; they just aren’t worn as far down on the finger. The most popular is just a single band worn over the second knuckle. They can be found in a multitude of designs that wrap around the finger, sometimes even reaching the nail bed. You can find cheap knuckle rings for less than ten dollars in the costume jewelry category or can even find expensive handcrafted masterpieces up to and beyond a thousand dollars. They come in all shapes such as hearts, swirl patterns, stars, snake designs and virtually any other creation you can think of. You can find them crafted into these shapes from the metal of the ring itself, inlayed with stones in the shape or even adorned with a dangling ornament. A more bizarre form of knuckle ring is one that is designed as two rings in one worn on the same finger. The first rests where a normal ring does at the base of the finger and the second rests above the second knuckle. These two rings are connected by a design piece that is crafted over the knuckle. A more rare type of knuckle ring is designed where the bottom of the ring is worn under the second knuckle and two rings sprout from the base, one resting above the second knuckle and one resting above. Knuckle ring designs, as in all types of jewelry, are only limited by the imaginations of their creators.

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