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Know Your Options For Adoption In Oklahoma

Unplanned pregnancies happen. It’s important to figure out what options are available in this situation. While you have many different approaches you can take, one of them is to give up your parental rights so that the child can be raised in a family with the resources capability to provide a good living environment and the proper care. As you look at this process, it’s important that you understand your own rights and what kind of decisions you can make.

You can be involved in deciding who the adoptive parents will be. The courts do still look at the best interests of the child and make sure that people are suitable before they approve them. If you work with a reputable child placement agency, they begin screening families to eliminate those whom the courts would never approve and then present you with information about the ones who are viable choices. You can then look at the descriptions and think about who you want to meet, and ultimately decide where and with whom your child will grow up.

It is a felony for someone to pay you outright to adopt your child in Oklahoma. An Adoption Oklahoma is not the sale of a child. It’s a legal process for transferring the rights to act as a parent. You can, however, get money that is intended to help you to deal with the expenses related to the pregnancy. For example, someone may agree to help a pregnant woman with buying food and paying for rent, because they naturally want to make sure that she is in a safe and low-stress situation while she is carrying the child that they may eventually parent. Any expenses in excess of $500, however, must have court approval to ensure that they are for legitimate purposes.

By understanding the rules of the system, you will be in a better position to protect your own rights and to make good decisions for your baby. You have a lot of big choices to make, but you are the only one who can decide which options will be best for you and your child as you begin contemplating Adoption Oklahoma.

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