Is Becoming an Auto Mechanic in Your Future

A mechanic is someone who works on any number of mechanical things, including cars, trucks, or even large industrial machines. They provide a range of services including, but certainly not limited to, maintenance, upgrades, and correcting issues. It is an industry that is always in demand, as transportation is always a consideration in society. There are many skills that are required to be a successful mechanic, as well as some schooling and certification requirements.

Skills of a Mechanic

Becoming a mechanic may be for you if you have a passion for mechanical parts. In finding a career, it is important that you look for something you enjoy. Another fundamental skill to have as a mechanic is the ability to troubleshoot. Most mechanical issues do not come with an obvious cause, and a mechanic will have to apply critical thinking skill to identify the issue. Mechanics deal with more than just the moving parts, and they will need to be able to learn a variety of automotive repair software. As vehicles become more dependent on computers for control systems more focus is going to be placed on the software used.

Schooling and Certification Required

Many post-secondary institutions have programs designed to teach you the skills to become a mechanic. These programs range in duration and curriculum depending on the school. If you are looking for an appropriate program the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) provides a list of accredited schools, and this is a great resource for a number of mechanical education information. In addition to successfully completing an accredited program, many shops also look to hire technicians that have ACE certification. This is a standardized method that tests the knowledge and skills of potential mechanics. It is not always required, but it can add to your qualifications when looking for your first shop to work in.

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