Injured On A Motorcycle? Contact A Motorcycle Accident Attorney In Rapid City SD

Injuries from motorcycle accidents are some of the most serious injuries someone can receive. There are usually broken bones and internal injuries involved. Although helmets are safer than ever, head trauma can still occur. When someone is injured on a motorcycle due to someone else’s negligence, contact Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Rapid City SD immediately.

Before someone speaks with an insurance company about their claim and injuries, speak to an attorney first. Anything said during the conversation with the insurance company can and will be recorded. During this time, the insurance company is collecting information they can use against the injured party in the future. If someone says they’re doing better, they will wonder why the injured party is in need of physical therapy for several months.

Although someone has never missed an insurance payment for years and has been a faithful customer, the insurance company is still protecting their financial interests. They are not interested in protecting the injured party’s financial stake. The insurance company staff includes lawyers and adjusters that only concerned about paying out as little as possible to the insured individual.

While speaking with the insurance company, do not settle the claim until a consultation has occurred with a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Rapid City SD. The consultation is free and there is nothing to lose other than the actual amount of money a victim can be legally entitled to. Medical bills, lost wages as well as pain and suffering can be compensated.

Future medical bills can be included as part of a settlement. When a victim needs physical therapy or future operations, the insurance company and guilty party should be held financially responsible for them. If there are broken bones or permanent injuries of any kind, they need to be compensated.

Don’t be shortchanged and settle before all of the expenses from the accident are known. Once the case is settled, no more money can be received for any further compensation from the insurance company. Visiting an experienced injury attorney does not cost any money. In addition, the attorney works on a contingency. There is nothing to lose and knowledge to gain about the case and the settlement that could be involved.

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