Improve Vision Through Cataract Surgery in Minneapolis

by | Aug 9, 2013 | Eye Disorder

Cataracts are something that can develop in the eyes, and they are typically seen in people over the age of 40. An eye examination is the best way to determine the extent of the cataracts that may be occurring. An eye care professional will use a series of tests to detect the abnormal lens that causes the impairment in vision. The eye doctor will also be able to determine whether or not the vision loss that a person is experiencing is indeed due to cataracts, or due to some other condition. When cataracts are detected early, it is not imperative that surgery be done right away, but when it gets to the point of causing blurred vision, then it is time to explore more options.

When cataracts first begin to develop, they might not cause much vision loss, if any. When the vision starts to be blurred, that is when it is time to contact an eye care professional to discuss cataract surgery in Minneapolis. When the eye doctor determines that surgery is the best course of action, it is good to ask questions and get a sense of all the steps that will be taken. Eye doctors that are willing to consult with patients and give them time to digest all the information are going to have the most success with the procedure.

The actual cataract surgery in Minneapolis can be done with minimal sedation and is often completed in around thirty minutes. The surgery puts minimal stress on the body, and it is one of the most routine procedures done across the country each year. Insurance typically covers this procedure including the pre and post operation care because it is a medial condition.

Most cataract surgery in Minneapolis procedures are done in the same manner. A small slit is cut in the eye to allow for a probe to go in and dissolve the clouded lens. Once that is done, the fragments are suctioned out and an artifical lens is inserted. This lens is what allows the eye to focus after the surgery is complete. Numbing eye drops or an injection near the eye are all that is needed with most surgeries to keep the patient comfortable.


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