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4 Healthy Reasons to Wear Sunglasses in Wichita, KS

Sunglasses are as trendy as they are useful, but did you know that wearing sunglasses can also be healthy? Here are four reasons why it is healthy to wear Sunglasses in Wichita KS.

UV Protection

UV radiation from the sun can cause cataracts, growths, and a condition called photokeratitis, which is essentially a temporary sunburn of your eye. Hats can protect the rays from UV radiation up to 50 percent, but it is not enough protection to shield your eyes from these killer rays. This also includes the blue and violet rays which are said to be the most harmful and affect the “sun sensitive” more easily and contribute the most to macular degeneration. That is one of the most important reasons to wear Sunglasses in Wichita KS.

Good Vision

The glare and brightness from the sun can interfere with vision and cause people to squint, which also causes wrinkles and ages the eyes. In addition, sunglasses can help prevent wind-blown particles from getting into the eye and irritating it. Not to mention, when you are squinting and blinking, your eyes are not having as much strain on them, which can cause more degeneration of these tissues and muscles.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer around the eyes and of the eyelids is actually much more common than people would believe. Wearing sunglasses blocks the sun’s rays, which will not only help wearers look younger and reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, it will also help to prevent cancer in sensitive areas around eyes.

Adaptation To The Dark

Just spending two to three hours with no sunglasses on a bright day can actually impair your night vision. So, if you are spending a day at the beach, and then drive home in the dark, it can actually make it more difficult for your eyes to adjust to the nighttime light levels. It can also affect your indoor sight because the light is being filtered through your cornea, and it can damage it and cause permanent blindness. This is why they say, “Don’t directly stare into the sun!”

Pick up a pair of Sunglasses in Wichita KS, to not only look stylish, but to keep your eyes healthy.



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