Bail Bonds

How to Use a Bail Bondsmen in Bridgeport CT

Bail is the amount set by the court that criminal defendants have to pay to before being able to leave jail. It works as encouragement to get defendants to show up for their court date. When the defendant shows up to court, the bail money is given back to the defendant. A bail bondsmen in Bridgeport CT can help when the bail is too much.

There are three types of bonds, such as surety, property and cash. A bail bondsman grants surety bonds to people in jail to pay their entire bail. A cash bond can be a money order or cash. A property bond is when property value is used as an incentive. A surety bond is similar to a loan. It consists of the defendant paying the lender a portion of the entire bail. The bail bondsman pays the bail to the court and the person with the charges must agree to appear in court at the scheduled time.

Most criminal defendants are unable to pay their own bail. If their family is unable to pay, then it is possible to get a loan for a lender. A bondsman is willing to loan the money for a nonrefundable fee. Defendants usually have to pay 10 percent upfront before getting access to the loan. If the defendant does not show up to court, then the court will not give the money back to the lender. The lender can choose to sue the defendant or send a bounty hunter to collect their money.

If you are in jail or have a family member in jail, then you want to find out your bail amount. The amount of bail depends on if the defend is a flight risk and the severity of the crime. It is set by the judge. The judge is usually not willing to give bail for serious crimes. It helps to find out the amount as soon as possible. If the bail is too high, then the defendant can also ask the judge to lower the amount. There is the possibility that the judge will not lower it, but it does not hurt to ask. A bail bondsmen in Bridgeport CT can help criminal defendants with making bail. Learn more about our bail process by consulting our bail bondsmen.

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