How to Support Your Favorite Restaurants During Difficult Times

We’re all afraid of what life will look like in 2021 and beyond. After a trying year of medical concerns that gripped the nation – and most of the world – we are still reeling from the impact of the pandemic. One thing many people are still concerned about is their favorite local small businesses.

How will these coffee shops, eateries, and dessert destinations stay in business moving forward? That largely depends on you. Here’s how you can help:

Find Out if They Offer Takeout

There are lots of takeout restaurants near St. Charles. Many of your favorite food spots in town offer takeout, especially now that dining restrictions and the financial crunch of the pandemic have caused many to have to think outside the dining room. Not sure if your favorite locations offer delivery or takeout? Give them a call and ask – and place your order, while you’re at it!

Purchase Merchandise

Not in the mood for something to eat right now? Ask your favorite restaurants if they offer take-home food options like bottled sauces or prepackaged coffee. Look for branded shirts, hats, or bags with the company’s logo. Ask about bumper stickers or drinking glasses. Anything they sell to offset costs and get their name out there is a good choice of how to spend your extra cash.

Get the Word Out

Have a favorite restaurant that you couldn’t stand to see close down? Tell everyone about it! Talk about your favorite places on social media. Share the love with friends and family. Cater small family events with their food or share just how often you eat takeout from there with your followers and friends. Making these choices is a free way to direct more business to your favorite providers – and it’ll make you feel great knowing that you’re doing something good while sharing what you love!

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