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How To Obtain Appearance Bonds In Midwest City

In Oklahoma, criminal defendants purchase bail bonds if they are eligible for bail. The bail bonds are available through licensed bonding agents. The defendant pays a percentage that ranges up fourteen percent of the bail. Purchasing Appearance Bonds in Midwest City helps criminal defendants get released before their court date.

Meeting with a Bondsman

Criminal defendants can meet with a bonding agent at the jail. The bonding agents coordinate with the defendant or their representative to gather all information needed for the bond. Typically, the bonding agent needs the defendant’s full name, the booking number provided by the jail, and the name of the facility. The bonding agent ensures that the criminal defendant understands the terms of their release.

Payment or Collateral

The defendant or their representative pays a percentage of the bail or provides collateral. Cash, credit card, or check payments are accepted by bail bondsmen. Collateral includes real estate, automobiles, jewelry, and certain savings accounts. The defendant or their representative must provide a title or deed for certain collateral.

Filing the Documents

The bail bondsman files all necessary documents with the court. A judge must sign the bail bond papers before they are official. Weekend releases could present some challenges for bail bondsmen. However, some criminal court judges will help bonding agents if they are available. If not, the defendant will have to wait until the following Monday.

What Happens if the Defendant Doesn’t Appear in Court

Criminal defendants that fail to appear on their court date face immediate arrest. The judge signs a bench warrant for the defendant, and their bail is revoked. The bonding agent has the right to follow steps to recover the defendant and return them to the court. All collateral is forfeited.

In Oklahoma, criminal defendants are released from the county jail via bail or bond. Bonding agents offer the bail bonds after a cash payment or collateral is provided. A judge must sign the release documents and file them with the court before the release. The terms of the release must be followed at all times. Criminal defendants who want to purchase Appearance Bonds in Midwest City are encouraged to contact Bail Bond Solutions right now.

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