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Categories of Damage Treated by Water Damage Specialists in Pocatello, ID

When most readers think about residential water damage, they’re likely picturing serious floods and other natural disasters. The reality, though, is that water damage can come from a wide variety of sources, many of which are actually found within the home. Read on to find out about a few of the most common kinds of flooding Water Damage Specialists in Pocatello ID are called on to fix and how they are categorized.

Fresh Water Damage

The first category of water damage is known as fresh water, white water, or clean water damage. It occurs when household fixtures like sinks or tubs malfunction or supply lines such as the hoses that direct clean water to dishwashers and washing machines are damaged. This water isn’t harmful to people, but allowing the flooded area to go unaddressed can absolutely cause lasting property damage.

Gray Water Damage

Gray water is wastewater that has not come into contact with human waste. The water that is discharged from appliances like dishwashers and washing machines falls under this category, as does water being drained from tubs and sinks. Areas that are affected by gray water tend to develop mold and bacteria more quickly than those impacted by fresh water.

Black Water Damage

The most hazardous kind of water damage is known as black water damage. Sewage falls under this category, as does water that has come into contact with bacteria, chemicals, and other contaminants.

It’s important to call in Water Damage Specialists in Pocatello ID immediately when black water floods a home. Whether the water is coming from the household’s sewage lines or external flooding, homeowners and their families should vacate the property until the black water has been removed to avoid the health risks associated with toxins and disease-causing organisms.

Get Help Now

Homeowners whose households have been affected by floods don’t actually need to know the difference between these three categories of water damage. They just need to understand how important it is to take action immediately to avoid incurring further property damage or risking their families’ health and well-being. Contact Henderson Restoration & Cleaning to get a free estimate and learn about the services provided by one local company today.

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