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How to Find the Best in Home Security Systems

A home security system is the very best protection against burglars and the growing threat of home invasion robberies. Studies have shown that most criminals try to verify if a home has a security system before attempting a robbery. The vast majority of convicted burglars confessed to intentionally avoiding any residence defended by a home security system and to leaving the moment any alarm sounded.

When it comes to choosing Home Security Systems, there are many options available. One is a do-it-yourself alarm that emits a high-pitched, ear-splitting noise in case of a break-in. Unfortunately, it does not transmit a signal to a monitoring station. This saves the monthly approximately fifty dollar monitoring charge, but depends on the good fortune of a neighbor hearing your alarm and contacting the police on your behalf.

More common and more reliable is a contract with a home security company that will mount equipment on your doors and windows that will send a signal to a monitoring station when any commotion is detected. They will also put in a keypad, allowing you to arm and disarm the system with your own private code. These systems can also be set to sense fires or contact an ambulance in case of a medical emergency. In addition, many cables and telecommunication companies are beginning to become involved in the business of home security, offering the possibility of monitoring your home’s welfare through a computer or smart phone.

If an alarm system is out of financial reach, there are many fairly cheap steps one can take to ensure a safe home. It is very beneficial to put in high quality deadbolts and window locks, to put lamps on timers when away, and to add outdoor motion-sensor lights as well as safety bars on first floor windows. Most importantly, keep in mind common-sense safety habits such as always locking doors, placing holds on mail and newspaper delivery when out of town and never publicizing vacation plans on any social media websites.

The possibilities of today’s Home Security Systems are amazing and almost irresistible to the average gadget lover. However, the ultimate goal is to keep your property and loved ones safe.

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