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Commercial Painters and Other Tools to Create a Clarksville TN Home

One of the styles more and more homeowners have taken an interest in is Clarksville TN. Most like the natural elegance the style creates. The great thing about Clarksville TN decorating is that it suits nearly every style of home and area. There’s not a single geographical area where you won’t find this style of home. Even older homes are being redesigned to look like they could have been transplanted from the Italian countryside.

While most people have no trouble creating a nice Clarksville TN feel inside their home, they often struggle when it comes to the exterior. They have no idea how they’re supposed to make people driving past the home think about Italy.

Commercial painters in Clarksville TN know creating an Italian feel for the exterior of your home really isn’t as hard as you might think. The trick is keeping everything as natural as possible. Although shale shingles can look nice, if you’re going to have to replace your roof anyway, you might as well select terra-cotta tiles which will completely change the appearance of your home. After replacing the roof, the commercial painters can come in and apply a nice warmly colored layer of paint. Colors like peach, cream, and pale yellow look very nice and will create the desired look. Having your commercial painter use earthy shades of orange or red on the window sills, doorframes, and trim will nicely tie everything together. A warm shade of lime green will look great on the exterior side of the doors.

Some people have opted to have their traditional rectangular doorframes redone so the tops are arched or gently rounded. If you think you prefer this look, great, just make sure you work on all the doors and windows before your commercial painter starts their portion of the job. Having the work done on the doors afterwards means damaging the paint and having to spend more to repair the work.

If you have any brickwork, either a walkway or a low fence, you should talk to your commercial painter about the possibility of mixing up some whitewash and painting the bricks with it. Not only will this compliment your home’s new exterior, it will also dress up the bricks, making them feel fresh and creative. The fresh coat of whitewash will really make any landscaping you’ve done pop.

There are other landscaping options you can use to make your home feel more Clarksville TN. Evergreen shrubs and bushes will work well in your landscaping and will also give your lawn a three dimensional feel. Herbs, such as sage, thyme, and basil scattered around the lawn will help drive home the Clarksville TN feel, as well as providing you with some fresh ingredients for a nice dinner. Visit Martin’s Quality Painting for more information.

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