How MINT PDO Can Give You Better Skin Without Going Under The Knife

If you have ever considered a face lift for sagging and aging skin but don’t want to put your body through the trauma of surgery, than a procedure with minimally invasive nonsurgical thread (MINT) may be best for you. Most commonly known as a thread face lift or non-surgical neck lift, MINT PDO is a highly effective procedure that smooths out tissues and softens skin. It is a treatment option that lives in the gap between invasive surgeries such as face lifts and injectable treatments such as Botox.

How it can help

MINT PDO is a type of suture that dissolves after its purpose in the body has been accomplished. Originally from South Korea, it has been successfully used as part of anti-aging procedures for about a decade and has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration. The effects of the procedure are immediate and often dramatic; wrinkles, sagging eyelids, drooping jawlines, etc. are drastically improved.

Furthermore, there is minimal, if any, scarring involved with MINT PDO and pretty much no downtime. That’s a much better situation than dealing with the long recovery time that results from plastic surgery, and, unlike with Botox treatments, the effects of a MINT PDO procedure do not quickly disappear. In short, it’s a great procedure.

If you are considering upgrading your own appearance in a big way, then learn more about MINT PDO (non-surgical neck lift) at

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