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How Long Can You Expect Your Car Tires To Last?

There really is no way to accurately predict the life expectancy of a tire, it depends on a number of factors, some of which have to do with the quality of the tire, others have to do with the way the tire is used and the care it gets. Typically the various manufacturers of tires in Ashland VA list the expected life expectancy of their products on a label affixed to the tire and by paying close attention and doing a little quick math you may be able to pick up an additional 10 to 15,000 more miles for just a few extra dollars.

Typically one can expect a low cost tire to perhaps last 25,000 miles whereas a more expensive top of the line tire can easily last 50,000 miles, but of course there are caveats. The variables that must be taken into account include the road condition which the car is normally subjected to, the weather and the way the car is driven. There are some simple maintenance routines that can have a significant impact on increasing the life of the tire by perhaps as much as 50 percent.

On the easiest ways to increase the life of both used & new tires in Ashland VA is proper inflation. If tires are either under inflated or over inflated they are subjected to stress that they were never designed to accommodate. Tires that are under inflated have more tire in contact with the road, this leads to the build-up of heat which has a negative effect on the tires structural integrity, the tire will break down far quicker than it would if it was properly inflated.

It is also an excellent idea to rotate the tires periodically. This is a simple matter of moving the tire location; front to back and vice versa as well as to opposite corners of the car. There is a tendency for the tires on the drive wheels to wear faster than the idler wheels so rotating them will add to the overall life expectancy of all the tires.

Maintenance issues are one thing, overly aggressive driving is something else again. Those drivers that have the tendency to stop and accelerate rapidly will skid the tires, the tires will wear out much faster than on a car driven by a conservative driver. The mechanics at Ashland Garage will be the first to tell you that the idea is to leave the tread on the tire and not on the road.

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