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How Does Window Tinting in Cincinnati, Ohio Reduce the Potential for Skin Cancer?

Many people choose to have the windows in their vehicles and homes tinted. The more common reasons have to do with appearance or privacy. In fact, the right type of tinting can also help the individual minimize the potential of developing skin cancer. Here are some facts about the properties of the tinting film that everyone should know.

Preventing Exposure to Ultraviolet Rays

Different types of glass, including standard auto glass, does have the capability to block a certain type of ultraviolet ray. That type is known as UVB rays. What is lacking is protection from UVA rays. Continued exposure will do more than cause the skin to thicken and wrinkle. It also sets up the ideal circumstances for developing skin cancer.

For some time, automobile manufacturers have utilized tinted windshields that provide complete protection from UVB rays and at least some protection from UVA rays. It’s only been in recent years that those same manufacturers have begun to use glass that filters UVA rays for the car door and rear windows. Older vehicles that do not have this type of tinted glass should be outfitted with the protective film.

Not Just for the Car Anymore

The same general approach applies to the glass used in doors and windows at home. Residential glass that is not tinted will block UVB rays but does not offer protection from UVA rays. Choosing to have the right type of film applied by an expert in Window Tinting in Cincinnati Ohio means that the sunlight coming through the glass will provide the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with natural light, but filter out the UVB rays.

Even if there is not a history of any type of cancer in the immediate family, it pays to take reasonable precautions. Visit Solar Tint today and learn more about the ability of the right film to reduce the potential for all sorts of skin conditions, up to and including skin cancer. Along with enjoying the other benefits provided by the window tinting, knowing that family members are a little less at risk for this type of serious health issue makes the price of the tinting worth every penny.

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