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How do Access Systems Work

Access systems are either physical or electronic systems that are designed to regulate who can gain access to a network. The simplest example is a locked door. It can only be opened from one end preventing other people from the other side from passing through. They would need an access or a key to be able to get inside. The electronic system, however, is more sophisticated. Locks are often monitored by network security; thus, limiting the number of people from coming and going to a particular area. This type of security system is often used by large organizations.

There are some cases when both physical and electronic access systems are integrated together. For example, using a swipe card to get the door open. This is the most common form of security to get an electronic door open. The card is lined with a magnetic strip that is swiped on the card reader beside the door. If the card does not work out or if the door would not open after swiping the card, locksmiths are called to fix the problem.

Often times the company would prefer to work with the locksmith who had installed such access systems. It is because they know the framework of the locks being installed. They know the mechanics of it. Hence, it is easier for them to solve the problem immediately. It is only in rare cases when a company chooses another locksmith to get the job fixed. Usually it is that the company has lost its faith in the locksmith who did the previous job.

Access systems are often used as a security option for facilities or laboratories or companies and organizations that require a high security detail. They would use the card control system wherein it serves as a dual purpose. First, is to get the door opened and the next is to serve as an identification card. Sometimes, the physical access control system of the building will depend upon its size and the level of security. They can either have it linked or standardized. The key card given to an employee has the capability to open all the doors of the building or it can be used only in certain areas of the building.

Before the installation of this security system, the company must take into consideration who could use the system and how it should be used. They also need to consider which locksmith company they should hire to give them the required security details.

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