How Chrome Plating Services Can Save You Money

Every business owner is looking for ways to save money and cut operational costs. Learning to cut costs where possible is an important step in protecting your bottom line. Repurposing items may be one of the ways your business can save Here are some of the ways chrome plating services can save you money.

1. Restore worn machine parts. Many people don’t realize that worn machine parts can be made like new again with chrome plating. Plating your old parts is often less expensive than buying new ones. When you have an outdated machine with obsolete parts, the ability to plate parts to make these usable again can be the difference between being able to keep a machine in service versus having to purchase a new machine.

2. Chrome plating protects pieces. Chrome is rust and corrosion resistant, even when exposed to the elements. Your items will have longer wear after being plated. Hard chrome plating is an extremely durable surface, so you will get many years of service from these items, and spend less over time in replacement parts. You can even use it on new pieces to help ensure the longest wear.

3. Chrome plating services can be performed on many different sizes of parts and pieces, too, from the tiniest of machine parts to pieces a big as ten feet long.

4. Even rusty parts and pieces can be restored. If needed, your machine parts and other items can be sandblasted to remove rust and corrosion before being plated. This means that nearly any piece can be brought back to life, even if it seems beyond restoration. You’ll be able to save money by reusing pieces you never thought possible.

5. You can choose the level of plating you desire. Chrome plating services come in a variety of thicknesses. For machine parts and other items that will be subjected to high stress wear and tear, you need hard chrome plating, which refers to plating the item with a very thick coating of chrome. Decorative items need only a thin layer of chrome for restoration. You pay less if you need only a thin coat. Keep in mind, however, that some chrome plating services specialize in hard chrome plating; therefore, they do not do decorative plating.

Taking advantage of chrome plating services can be a great way to get longer life from machine parts and other items. Longer life means less money spent in replacement parts, which is definitely a boost to your business’ bottom line.

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