Tips and Advice on Finding a Paris Rental

by | Sep 9, 2016 | Apartments

Jumping for joy at the thought of being in Paris a few months from now? If you still haven’t booked accommodations just yet, here are a few things to help you decide where to find a rental:

River Gauche

This often refers to the south of the Seine. If you want to stay somewhere close to the Boulevard Saint-German, Rue de Rennes, or Boulevard Saint Michel for a couple of leisurely strolls, then find a rental near or in this area.

Rive Droit

This refers to the north of the Seine river. It’s where the Champs-Elysees is located. However, rentals in these places are sure to cost you a lot, so it’s best be prepared with a big budget.

Loure & Les Halles

If you love museums and want to experience living at the heart of Paris, then rentals near or within this area should be your go-to choice.

Latin Quarter

If you’ve always been a literary fan and want to be where Hemmingway, Fitzgerald, and other creative talents used to be, then this is the perfect rental spot to look for.


If you want multiracial delights when it comes to food and sights, this is the ideal place to search for a rental.

Things to Remember

* Online listings

How do you find the best places in Paris? Use online listings to guide you. With so many choices available, looking for the perfect apartment rental in Paris should be easy. Just browse through until you find units that work for your budget.

* Early booking

Good offers get snapped up right away, so be quick. When you find a good rental deal, don’t waste time. Do the math, reach out to the owner for any other information you want to know, and book it before anyone else snaps it up.

* Explore

There are plenty of rental options, so make sure you explore. Do your research to help you find good deals.

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