How An Attorney Can Help You Win A Disability Claim

If you go strictly by statistics, if you prepare a claim for Social Security disability benefits, it will be denied. Claims are routinely denied when they are first made and again at the reconsideration stage. Denial of benefits typically happens regardless of whether the claim was made with or without the assistance of an attorney.

The greatest majority of claims will end up in a hearing that takes place in the presence of an administrative law judge. It is when the appeals process reaches this stage that the able assistance of a disability attorney in Kansas City is most welcomed. Let it be said that no one, including an attorney, can guarantee success but a seasoned disability attorney can guarantee that your case will be developed and presented properly and submitted in a timely manner.

Why is the denial rate so high?

It’s fair to say that any dealings with the Federal Government are complicated and fraught with impediments. The denial rate is as high as it is simply because the typical claimant has no idea how to properly prepare a disability claim. This is not the case with disability attorneys. An experienced disability attorney in Kansas City will know what the ALJ will be looking for. He or she will have by this time gathered all the pertinent medical records and the results of tests that have been given along with substantiating statements from the doctors that have treated you or are treating you.

Can you win by going it alone?

The simple answer is yes. Occasionally claimants that go it alone do win and are granted benefits but the truth is; the odds of winning are far better when you are supported by a disability attorney in Kansas City.

Why risk your future when the attorney will only submit his bill if he or she wins your case and a number of attorney’s fees are set by the Government at no more than $6,000? Furthermore, the attorney’s fee is usually paid directly by the SSA out of the back pay you are awarded.

A seasoned disability attorney in Kansas City can help you win your claim for disability benefits. To discuss the specifics of your situation you are invited to contact the Grundy Disability Group, LLC or visit for more information.

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