Help Your Farm Flourish with the Right Equipment

As a farmer, you know that it can take a lot of time and money to plant your crops. You want the right equipment when it comes to planting season to make sure your seeds are properly embedded into the ground.  The Salford Tillage can help you evenly distribute your seeds and fertilizer into the ground. They have poly peg roller that are precisely spaced to make sure your seeds are planted the correct amount of distance apart. The metering makes sure that the same amount of product is distributed evenly into the ground to help quickly spread your seeds and fertilizers.

How to Stay Safe While Working Your Fields

• You want to make sure you read the operator’s safety manual to any equipment you will be using.
• Make sure you wear the appropriate clothing and get enough sleep. Clothing will help protect your body from any flying debris and well rested you will be more alert so accidents do not happen.
• Be sure you train any workers you may have on how to properly work the equipment.
• Any shields, guards, and doors on the machinery should be kept in place when operating.
• Adjust the speed to fit with the operating conditions.
• Be sure the working area is clear of any other people, especially small children.
• You want to take breaks as often as you can to make sure you do not get too tired.
• Before you do any cleaning or servicing the equipment make sure that you turn off the engine and all moving parts are stopped.
• When you add fuel to the machinery allow the engine to cool first.
• If you drive on public roads make sure you display the emblem for slow moving.

Speak with an Expert to Discover the Right Machinery for You

You want to make sure you receive quality products for an affordable price when it comes to taking care of your farm. A professional who has the experience and knowledge of working on a farm and with the machinery can help you make the right selection when it comes to buying your equipment. They will provide you with information on the variety of tools available that can save you both time and money when it comes to planting your field. Whether you are looking for accessories to a machine you already have or replacing old equipment be sure to find the right one to get the job completed.For more information visit Fennig Equipment.

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