Guide to Choosing a Phone System Vendor for Your Business

Technological advances in communication such as social networking and email have not made the telephone obsolete. This means that choosing small business phone system in Houston is an essential part of your overall business setup, more so if you are starting a new business. There are many phone system providers on the market. Choosing one can prove to be both time consuming and frustrating. There are a few factors that you should keep in mind to help you find the best vendors.

Types of Phone Systems on Offer

Just as there are many vendors on the market, there are also different phone systems available for you to choose from. The three main options are Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and virtual PBX systems.

The VoIP system uses the internet for its operations and is ideal for small business with few phone lines and requires voicemail capabilities. This phone system should, however, be paired with a good internet provider for call quality purposes.

PBX is more sophisticated and is a great option for medium size and large business. The main feature of this system is the switching capability which allows calls to be routed to outside lines or different employees. The virtual version of the PBX system does not require a permanent office and can be used to complement a VoIP system.

A good provider should have all these options, and more importantly, offer professional advice on which system is best suited for your specific business.

Installation and Training

A good supplier of business phone systems should cater to the installation of their systems. This is a complicated and time consuming process depending on the type of system. So, professional installation goes a long way in ensuring that the setup works as expected. Also, a good provider should offer training especially for more complex systems to ensure that employees are using the system correctly and to its fullest capability.

Technical Support

Another guarantee of a good phone system provider is effective technical support if and when issues arise. It is important that you have full access to a qualified technician in case of equipment failure or questions about specific equipment features. A superior vendor should have staff on hand for phone repair including on holidays and weekends. Downtime, especially where communicating with your business is concerned, can result in angry or lost customers.

Partnering with the Right Provider

Choosing Amtel IP Phone Systems is a great decision for your business’ communication needs. Amtel offers a wide range of phone system solutions for all kinds of business so you are sure to find the best equipment and service for your specific business.

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