Greater Car Comfort with a Matte Paint Protection Film

There are a lot of factors at play that can compromise the overall quality and appearance of your car’s paint job. General wear and tear, sunlight, flying debris; these are all things that can scratch and chip away at the paint’s finish.

So why not give it some protection with a matte paint protection film, you can keep your car looking newer for longer. A matte finish paint protection film can go on your car and help protect it from all the things that mean to take away from its pristine finish.

Heat Activated

How does this pro series matte paint protection film work? Through heat activation. The self-healing clear coat goes on easily and will self-heal swirl marks and light scratches. It does this through a light heat application to the surface of the film.

With hot water or summer sun, you can see minor scratches disappear without any intervention required. All of which means keeping your vehicle looking like it just rolled off of the shop floor.

Easy Maintenance

Having a factory flat finish means more expensive repairs and a higher level of difficulty to maintain. But with a matte film, you get the protection needed for the finish all without the additional maintenance that would otherwise come with it.

That means getting the benefits, such as rock chip protection, without the work involved. You can simply admire how your vehicle looks without putting in the painstaking efforts to maintain it.

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