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Gravity Conveyor Rollers – An Easy Solution to Your Factory Energy Crunch

Are you looking to cut costs on energy, labor, and other issues at your facility, all while increasing productivity? A conveyor system may be the answer, but not just any conveyor. Read on to find out how this machinery can help you cut costs and improve your overall workplace environment.

The Gravity Difference

When utilizing a conveyor roller in your facility, motorized conveyors are not your only option. If you’re looking to conserve energy or simply don’t need the muscle that a motorized conveyor packs, you may opt for a gravity conveyor roller instead.

What is the difference? As the name implies, gravity conveyors work using the concept of gravity and typically operate without a motor driving the rotation of the bars. They are installed in your facility in such a way that the force of gravity pushes items down the length of the conveyor. They can be installed either horizontally or vertically, depending on what needs to be moved. The Vertical installation makes for a very steep incline, while horizontal installation makes for slower and more gradual movement. Judge the amount of space you have available for installation and the fragility of what you will be moving most often to determine which type you will need.

Why Go with Gravity?

One of the biggest reasons people choose to go with gravity conveyor rollers is that they conserve energy and help to cut operating costs. After all – gravity is free! It also saves on manpower, which can help you cut labor costs and improve the workplace experience for your staff.

Choosing a gravity conveyor isn’t only about what it can save you, though! It can also increase many important aspects of your business, including productivity and employee morale. When your staff is working smarter instead of harder, they’re happier and more productive – and you will reap the many benefits. Likewise, your productivity will increase just as it would with a motorized conveyor – all without the energy expenditure!

If you’re ready to invest in a gravity conveyor roller, contact your local supplier of conveyor machinery and parts. They can help you determine which kind of conveyor to go with and how to install it. In no time at all. You’ll be enjoying a healthier work environment and bottom line, all because of a few hundred steel bars!

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